Jason Sides scored back to back wins this past week, taking his first World Of Outlaws 410 A main and backing it up by trouncing the USCS 360 contingent Friday evening.

Sides was the class of the field at Sedalia, Missouri’s World Of Outlaws event where he posted third quick in time trials, drove to a fourth place finish in his heat race, then earned the pole position for the 30-lap A main by winning the first dash.

As the field lined up for the traditional four-wide salute to the fans, polesitter Sides dropped back to create the missing man formation in tribute to Brownfield.

Sides then proceeded to drive the Wetherington Tractor Service-sponsored entry to a green to checkered win at Sedalia, leading all 30 laps of the $10,000 to win event.

Everyone at Sedalia was racing with heavy hearts with the loss of NST founder Fred Brownfield the previous Friday, and Sides was no exception.

After gathering his composure for victory lane interviews and photos, Sides emerged from the cockpit of his MAXIM and looked at the decal honoring Brownfield.

“Fred was a great man,” said Sides from victory lane. “This is for Fred. This was a big deal tonight without Fred. The NST was the only way to go. It was started to be something where everyone can get along and have fun.”

Sides, a former winner of the Ronald Laney Memorial race at East Bay Raceway in Florida, saw comparisons in the NST event at Sedalia to the time when he won the Laney Memorial.

“Both races are very important to me,” said Sides. “Both guys were my friends and I respected them very much. Both races will always be in my heart. One, for winning my first NST race and for dedicating the win to my friend Fred. The other because of my buddy Ronald and also because it's one of the biggest 360 races of the year.”

At Sedalia, Sides had some unexpected help when he suffered through engine woes early in the evening. The comic books always say Superman comes through to save the day at the last possible moment, and when Sides thought his evening was over at Sedalia, none other than Steve Kinser stepped up and offered one of his spare engines so Sides could continue to compete. Sides graciously accepted Kinser’s offer of assistance, and an engine swap commenced.

“You know, I'm not real sure why Steve decided to help myself and our team, but I'm sure glad he did,” stated Sides. “I don't know if all the moons and planets lined up at the right time for us tonight, but I do know Fred was with us. Regardless, every team needs wins, even if it's local or a 360 race. It helps keep the moral up and it's what keeps the entire team and sponsors going. And it doesn't hurt to have different drivers winning races. That just shows how competitive the NST series is.”

Bittersweet as the NST victory was, the Sides Motorsports crew decided to race at Malden with the USCS 360 sanction on their way back to their home base in Memphis.

“We were on our way home from Sedalia and stopped in to race there,” said Sides. “It's a short drive from Memphis for some of our friends and fans to come see us race, because we don't get to race around home too much.”

Not only did Sides race at Malden, he drove from a ninth place starting spot to win the A main.

“The 360 racing is a little more laid back for us,” said Sides. “We only hot lap, heat race and feature race. There are no dashes, no qualifying and no right rear tire compound to worry about.”

“We really enjoy some of the tracks that we do run our 360 at,” stated Sides. “It does help a little when you come from a win or a really good run and then go to a 360 race. It puts you in the mindset that you are supposed to win, or be at the front when the race is over.”

Sides will compete again at Winner, South Dakota this weekend with the World Of Outlaws.